Vip Minibus seats

The most important comfort point of your Vip vehicle is its seats. It should make you comfortable during the day and offer high security options.

The seats you choose should have the most suitable flooring for your daily use, a color that reflects you and sufficient certificates for safety.


There are many alternative upholstery options for the vip minibus. There are only fabric upholsteries, leather upholsteries only, upholsteries where leather and fabric are used together.

Of course, the most preferred type of upholstery has always been leather. Leather covered vip car seats add a modern and quality look to your vehicle.

Since Panaks Automotive realizes its own seat production, it offers you many options and reflects its experience.

With the self-confidence of being a producer, it offers you the most suitable seat upholstery options, different designs and high security seats.

All you have to do is choose the color you want and travel in your pleasant and safe vip seats.


Your VIP vehicle is the place where you spend most of your time during your day. In any bad situation in heavy traffic or on long road, your seats should have security features to protect you and your guests.

Panaks Automotive has invested in safety in its vip vehicle seats as well as comfort. The seats it produces have M1 quality certificate and are certified by passing various safety tests.

You can safely use the vip vehicle seats produced by Panaks Automotive.