VIP Minibus Design

We offer you a quality service with our expert team in order to transform your existing van vehicle into a VIP van. Panaks Automotive Minibus is one of the rare companies that can realize special designs for you for vip transformation.

The minibus design consists of two parts, internal and external.

Minibus Exterior Design

An important issue to be considered when buying Vip Minibus conversion service is how to make the exterior design of the van.

The quality and strength of the materials used in exterior design is an important issue. While many similar designs are available on the market, the important thing is the durability of these exterior design products, the aesthetics and trust they add to the vehicle.

Panaks carefully designs the automotive minibus exterior design parts and produces them with world-class quality. While creating the aesthetic appearance of your vehicle, it combines your wishes and aesthetic understandings on a world scale and produces the best solution for you.

Vehicles can be produced according to many tastes, from a plain minimalist external view to a elegant and luxury vehicle. 

Minibus Interior Design

If you want to own a vip minibus, it means that you will spend a lot of time with your vehicle. Therefore, you should work with a team that can produce up-to-date, high quality, modern and technological solutions according to your needs and lifestyle.

Nowadays, the types of materials used for the interior design of the minibus are so many that it is getting harder to understand the quality and durability.

Panaks Automotive works to produce special designs for you by producing many alternatives according to your wishes and needs while designing the interior of the minibus.Panaks otomotiv iç dizayn için kullanılan bir çok ürünü kendi bünyesinde ürettiği için kişiselleştirme noktasında rakiplerinden bir adım öndedir.  

Adopting a special design approach for you, Panaks Automotive aims to do its best to offer you a vip vehicle experience that you will be satisfied by reflecting the technological developments to its designs.